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The aim of the Institute for Contemporary Education (ICE) is to improve the quality of the education process through the education and training of current and future education professionals and the promotion of state-of-the-art educational technologies. Our mission is to help individuals become more successful, and to help educational institutions in the implementation of technologies and methods aimed at improving the process of education. ICE is an advisory center for all educational leaders, but also a place where future teachers and lecturers can get professional teaching practice.– More…

Technology in education

The Institute for Contemporary Education is the only institution in the region where all the latest technologies are available for presentation and efficient implementation in the process of education. The latest generation of gadgets is displayed in a specially designed environment of the Intelligent Classroom, and anyone who visits this unique show room will be able to try out each device and learn how it can be implemented in the classroom.

We are changing education for the better

The goal of our Institute is to improve the process of education and enable the adoption of the highest educational standards. To achieve that, the Institute launches various projects, organizes different events and continuously improves collaboration with relevant international institutions and organizations.

Teachers, professors, school psychologists, headmasters, expert associates and other education professionals may improve their practice by taking part in one of the following centers organized in the Institute:

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