How to become a leader in education?

When you look at the biographies of the most influential educational reformers and authors of the relevant literature in the field of education, you will see that one of the most important items they all share is a Cambridge diploma which proves their commitment, expertise and professional authority. Now you have the opportunity to earn certificates and diplomas that are valued and recognized all over the world, and which guarantee you possess the commitment and knowledge of the highest order.

Cambridge Teaching Center organizes training programs and final exams, whereas the certificates and diplomas are issued directly by Cambridge International Examinations located in England. Each program focuses on specific skills, knowledge and issues teachers encounter in their practice.

Whichever program you choose, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Adopt and critically examine relevant and current concepts, principles and theories in the field of education;
  • Hear experiences and examples of the best international practices;
  • Create your own original ideas and implement them in your teaching practice using contemporary methods you will learn here;
  • Evaluate past experiences and achievements to make a good plan for developing your skills in the future;
  • Improve the quality of your lectures and your leadership skills in order to successfully encourage students to make the most of their potential.

4 Cambridge programs that will bring you the most prestigious certificates and diplomas

Choose a program that best suits your professional interests and preferences, improve your knowledge and become part of the world’s intellectual elite. Each of our Cambridge programs comprises three, 120-hour modules which involve four months of continuous education. Upon the completion of each module, you will become eligible for a Cambridge certificate. After completing the first module, you can move on to the second, and the third. After successfully completing all three modules, you become eligible for the prestigious Cambridge diploma.    

  1. Teaching & Learning

If you want to become a trailblazing teacher who sets new standards in contemporary education and conveys knowledge in an engaging and interactive manner, keeps his/her students motivated, and is part of the world’s intellectual elite, this is the program for you.

The program comprises three modules:

  • Teaching and learning methods analysis
  • Teaching and learning in practice
  • Improving professional practice
  1. Teaching with Digital Technologies

If you are aware that the future of quality education lies in the correct use of digital technologies as a learning support, choose this program, master the teaching methods and principles and become one of the first teachers of the future.

The program comprises three modules:

  • Teaching and learning methods analysis with digital technologies
  • Developing analytical practice in education that involves digital technologies
  • Impact of digital technologies on education
  1. Teaching Bilingual Learners

If you want to work in advanced schools where bilingual education is increasingly practiced, this is the program that will help you reach that goal quickly and easily, and to improve the quality of your lectures in all languages in which you teach.

The program comprises three modules:

  • Analysis of bilingual instruction with the use of additional language
  • Developing analytical practice in bilingual instruction
  • Theory and practice analysis in bilingual instruction
  1. Educational Leadership

All teachers who want to improve their leadership skills so as to manage educational institutions and teams with ease will acquire advanced knowledge and modern leadership skills offered in this program. 

The program comprises three modules:

  • Managerial aspects analysis
  • Managing and improving teaching and learning
  • Introducing changes aimed at improving employee performance

Once you gain the reputation of a Cambridge-certified teacher, you will have the opportunity to continue your professional development and earn the prestigious Cambridge diploma.

You cannot decide which program to choose?

Study each program in detail and then choose the one that best suits your abilities and preferences. When you complete a program, you can continue with your professional development and distinguish yourself as a teacher with unique qualifications in this part of the world.  

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What are the requirements to enroll into one of Cambridge programs at the Cambridge Teaching Center?

To enroll in one of the Cambridge programs available at the Cambridge Teaching Center, you need to possess a university degree and proficiency in English equivalent to B2 CEFR level. In order to make quality professional development accessible to all ambitious teachers, the Cambridge Teaching Center offers courses for improving one’s competency in English and preparing them for Cambridge professional programs. You can learn more about English language courses here  »

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