The project „Science on Stage” is one of the activities through which the Institute for Contemporary Education seeks to promote STEAM education in Serbia. It was initiated with the aim of introducing the teachers, who are also ICE members who have made significant contributions to the preparation and organization of the first national festival “Science on Stage” held in September 2021, to examples of good practice in STEAM from across Europe. Additionally, it was driven by the desire for ICE, as the representative of the „Science on Stage” network in Serbia, to host one of the upcoming international „Science on Stage” festivals.

In this regard, the ideas of this mobility project are as follows: 

– provide the best STEAM educators in Serbia with job shadowing opportunities to:

  • develop their own competencies,
  • educate other teachers on how to create the best Science on Stage project, implement it in their teaching, and participate in the competition in the next cycle of 2022–2024;

– gather experiences to prepare the candidacy of Belgrade for organizing the international „Science on Stage” festival and fair (SonS). 

The project is designed in such a way that the hosting partners for mobility are not predefined. Instead, the participants are encouraged to express their preferences for the organization they would like to visit and in which country, establish contact with them, and agree on the visit plan. The funds for the visit and stay are provided within the project.

The expected outcomes of this project are:

  • formation of a database of good STEAM practices;
  • professional webinars and presentations for educators from Serbia and the region;
  • Serbia’s candidacy for hosting the international „Science on Stage” festival.

The project lasts for one year (September 2022 – August 2023), and the participants are members of the management board of the „Science on Stage” initiative and SonS ambassadors.