Distance learning

Anytime, anywhere

The Institute for Contemporary Education allows professional development online, by means of a unique, distance learning platform. If you do not live in Belgrade, if you are too busy, or have some other reason why you are unable to attend our lectures, seminars, training programs and other educational events, now you have the opportunity to devote yourself to your professional development using our DL platform. Thanks to it, useful knowledge and skills necessary for professional advancement are just a few clicks away. Moreover, you are able to organize and manage your time in a way that best suits your needs. 

How does the DL platform work?

The DL platform of the Institute for Contemporary Education provides access to video courses and distance learning courses (Distance Learning – DL). Video courses comprise a series of video clips arranged into logical units designed to help you efficiently master the content of the entire course. By entering a video course, you will see a list of the videos available for that course on the left. You can start the video by clicking on the Play button. Videos can be paused so you could take notes and organize your learning process in the most efficient manner possible. Courses of this type may include additional materials in the form of exercises and assignments.  

When it comes to DL courses, by clicking on the desired course, you will open a page with the basic information about the course, as well as a list of teaching modules and the accompanying units in that module. By clicking on a unit within each course, you will open a window with the appropriate elements related to that unit. The most important elements of the course content include: Unit content, Multimedia, Progress Test and Summary.

One of the greatest advantages of the platform is that it enables you to watch training programs held at the Institute via live streaming. The scheduled time and links for accessing training programs will be shown in the Live class window. After accessing the live stream at the appointed time, you will be able to watch the lecture from the comfort of your home, or any other place of your choosing.