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Who are we looking for?

We want to encourage all class teachers, subject teachers, preschool teachers, and educators to make a huge leap forward in their careers, and apply so as to improve their knowledge and skills. To create a dynamic atmosphere that encourages exchange of experiences, we are looking for diversity among candidates. You can apply here »

First step

If you want to sign up for the Cambridge Teaching Center, the first step is to choose a program/programs that you find interesting, and which best suit your professional needs. You will find detailed information about specialized courses and workshops available HERE, and more information about Cambridge programs HERE.

For the right person, the time to sign up is now!

The choice of the safe professional path in life has nothing to do with one’s age. Our students are teachers of various ages ‒ from young and ambitious, to mature, experienced and seasoned professionals.

Young teachers want to acquire knowledge that will define their career from the very beginning, whereas experienced teachers want to modernize their teaching practice, and secure a better position and higher salary. All of them want to be successful at conveying knowledge to students, and to make their job inspiring and economically profitable. 

Speaking of which, the person who can best determine whether you are ready to sign up for the Cambridge Teaching Center is yourself.                                                         

Number of applicants is limited

Given that enrollment has already begun, the number of available seats is limited. Check if there are any vacancies left in the program you want to enroll in, use your chance and sign up immediately. Here is an overview of vacancies: 

Early bird registration is open! Tuition fees will soon be increased.

Show determination and sign up as soon as possible, and the Cambridge Training Center will reward you with tuition fees reduced by 45% for all programs.

Sign up today and save a considerable amount of money.          

English language

Proficiency in English equivalent to B2 level is required only for the Cambridge program, whereas other programs and professional courses offered at the Cambridge Teaching Center do not require knowledge of English.

If you haven’t reached B2 level of proficiency yet, you can enroll into one of the courses which prepare students for the Cambridge program. Learn more » 

Sign up in two steps

Fill in and send your registration form by clicking on this link, or calling us at: +381 11 4011 240. After submitting the registration form, you will have an interview with our enrollment advisor. Apart from the information about you, that interview will help us to understand your professional position, ambition for professional advancement and areas you want to improve in.

Tell us your story. Tell us what makes you special. If the advisor approves your enrollment, we will send you the official enrollment documentation and welcome you to our institution.          

14 reasons to enroll at the Cambridge Teaching Center

  1. Because you want to advance your career.
  2. So your students would enjoy your lessons.
  3. Because you deserve a job in the educational institution that offers the best surroundings and conditions. 
  4. Because you want to be an exemplary teacher.
  5. Because you know professional development is the key to success.
  6. So you could earn more than the average teacher’s salary. 
  7. Because you want to understand new generations of students that are nothing like the previous ones.
  8. Because you want to stand out among your colleagues in terms of quality.
  9. So you could adequately use modern technologies in teaching.
  10. Because you want to share your experiences with successful colleagues.
  11. Because you want to achieve professional integrity and financial stability.
  12. Because you want to be up to date with the global trends and pioneer new technologies in your classes.
  13. Because you want to gain a reputation and position yourself among the most renowned world teachers.
  14. Because you love your job.