Cambridge Teaching Center – A program for educational leaders

Cambridge Teaching Center is a professional development program that complies with international standards, designed for education professionals. It is created for those teachers who strive to achieve excellence in their teaching practice and in their students’ progress. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills is necessary if one wants to adapt to continuous changes in the world of education.

Whether you work as a preschool teacher, teacher in elementary school or secondary school, university professor, or the headmaster of an educational institution, Cambridge Teaching Center offers the best professional development programs which meet different needs and preferences.

Continuous development is a prerequisite for professional advancement

The teacher’s role does not only involve conveying knowledge, but also overall development of their pupils’ and students’ personalities, providing support in attitude formation and preparing pupils for professional success, and for a fulfilling and ethical lifestyle.

This is why you need to work continuously on your professional development. Seminars organized by the Institute and the Cambridge Teaching Center focus on interactive teaching activities, with emphasis on active learning and developing critical thinking in students.




Cambridge Teaching Center is a professional development program created as an organizational unit of the LINK group company founded in 1998.

What we want for you is quite simple: to help you master professional and personal skills that will make your job easier and more enjoyable, while at the same time giving you an advantage over other teachers, thus opening doors to career advancement or job change.

After studying teachers’ wishes, we made a selection of preparatory programs for international certificates, as well as programs that meet the needs of teachers employed in the public and private school system, both domestically and abroad. 

 Choose a program in accordance with your preferences and the requirements of your practice

Choosing the right program to attend is very important. Depending on where you teach, who your pupils are, what material you teach, and your personal affinities, you will choose the most interesting and most useful program at the Cambridge Teaching Center. Don’t worry, you may always continue your professional development and pick a new program on special terms. 

If you wish to attend a program which is currently unavailable, fill in the questionnaire and choose seminars you are interested in. Feel free to suggest any training program you would like to attend, and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes and needs.

How do we guarantee the quality of education and professional development?

High quality of education at our institutions is guaranteed by our partnership with international organizations and the world’s most renowned companies and institutions.

The International Certificate opens the door to a successful career, enabling both personal and professional development. At the same time, it provides official recognition and certification of acquired knowledge and skills.  

Thanks to the partnership with Cambridge Assessment International Education, the Cambridge Teaching Center is the first and only center in Serbia that has been honored with the right to organize the preparatory courses and exams for the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications for teachers and headmasters of educational institutions.

As a Google partner, the Cambridge Teaching Center organizes Google for Education training programs for obtaining official Google for Education certificates. These certificates are a globally recognized accreditation for experts in online advertising and digital marketing.

The cooperation with the British Council and the British Council Preparation Center gives students of the Cambridge Teaching Center the opportunity to take Cambridge ESOL exams – FCE and BEC English Certificate, whose diplomas and certificates are among the most widely recognized English language qualifications worldwide. In addition, at the Cambridge Teaching Center, you may attend a preparatory program for TKT – Teacher Knowledge Test, a certificate for English teachers.

The Cambridge Teaching Center is a training and testing program licensed by the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) foundation. ECDL guarantees that we meet all organizational, technical, personnel and all other standards applied in the EU.  

ECDL is a computer literacy certification program recognized in over 160 countries, and the program available at the Cambridge Teaching Center implements the latest version of ECDL, Syllabus 4.0.

If you are ready to make a name for yourself, to create opportunities for career advancement or find a new job in Serbia or abroad, while providing high quality education to your pupils, you will find everything you need at the Cambridge Training Center.