Behave Your Prints


The aim of the project “Behave Your Prints” is to empower the young to use technology in a responsible manner. We live in the world dominated by technology. Having in mid that digital technologies have evolved in a relatively short period of time, we are facing the fact that a large number of young people do not have adequate relevant knowledge so they use new technologies in a careless and irresponsible way. With this project we want to support the population 14-18 to become active citizens in a digital society by participating in networks in a responsible way, behaving correctly in order to protect their online reputation with the view of their professional and social future.

The project coordinator is the Institute for Contemporary Education, Serbia.

The project partners are:

  • SMART IDEA, Slovenia,
  • Evropska rozvojova agentura, s.r.o, the Czech Republic,
  • Edukopro, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Mensa Montenegro.


The main goals of the project are:

  • developing media literacy,
  • increasing social responsibility and activism in young population,
  • increasing responsible engagement of the young in social networks.


The project results are:

  • „Behave Your Prints” (BYP) methodology,
  •  YourPrints T-kit: the unique educational manual,
  • digital multimedia  – 5 short videos dealing with digital print.