Who is the target audience of the Institute for Contemporary Education?

The Institute for Contemporary Education exists for anyone who wants to develop professionally, and to acquire new, applicable knowledge, to learn about the implementation of new technologies in the classroom, and find opportunities for advancement in their chosen field.

Whether you already know which particular area you want to specialize in, or you are yet to discover where to channel your efforts, the expert team at the Institute will present you with all the possibilities of our training programs. In addition, all of you who work as teachers, professors, expert associates or psychologists will be able to acquire valuable knowledge, skills and contacts, and learn how to increase the quality of your work.  

All of you who want to be up-to-date with the latest innovations

Technological advances are continuously changing the way we live, work, and among other things, the way we learn.      Woman with an e-book reader while friends carry books

At the Institute, you will have the opportunity to try out the latest educational technology, familiarize yourself with its features and learn how it can be applied in the education process.

Be in touch with the latest innovations and be among the first to utilize the advantages of modern technologies in advancing knowledge, skills and achieving success in different areas of life.

All of you who want to make a change

As you know, the 21st century represents a turning point in education. Most developed countries have already introduced educational reforms that are soon to be followed in schools all over the world. The emphasis is on active learning, interaction, constructivism in education, and a different learning process, with the assistance of digital technologies.

Education needs to move with the times, and with the methods, approaches and technologies now available to us, all the requirements for educational advancement have been met.

Now it’s you turn! To drive the change, be the first to make a step forward and improve your knowledge. Learn about 21st-century educational trends and be among those who will initiate the change.  

All of you who want a better job

The most prestigious schools choose only the best professors and teachers, because that way, they invest in the education of their students, but also in their reputation. Invest in yourself and prove you belong with the best.


In this way, you will increase your competitiveness in the labor market and be able to find employment in the best schools, and to earn more.

Our Institute is not reserved only for education professionals. All of you who work in other areas of business and who wish to develop professionally and make a new step in your career can visit the Institute and learn about potential ways to advance your career.

All of you who want to be better teacher, dedicated and favorite among students

Do you remember the very first lectures you gave to your students? Renew your enthusiasm and passion for teaching, and awake your motivation for conveying knowledge.


If this is what you desire, we suggest you choose one of the prog

rams at the Institute that will change your outlook on education and make you a favorite among 


Learn how to create a system of methods to choose from depen

ding on the situation. In other words, learn how to maintain control of the situation at all times, while at the same time, motivating each student to participate.

Achieve what every teacher desires: interested and engaged students who attend your lectures because they want to, not because they have to. 



All of you who want to work abroad

If you want to find employment abroad, Cambridge programs available at the Institute are exactly the kind of training you need.


As you know, Cambridge certificates and diplomas are recognized everywhere in the world, and the reputation of this educational institution guarantees you possess the knowledge and skills only the most esteemed professors can boast.

Anyone who wants to find employment abroad is advised to choose the Cambridge Bilingual Learners program, which provides a unique training in how to organize instruction in two or more languages.

This principle is applied in many leading schools around the world, and will represent a stand-out reference in your CV.