Participation of the Institute for Contemporary Education in Erasmus+ projects

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ICE and LINKgroup schools begin realization of international educational projects 

Since its establishment and the first meeting of a team of project experts within the Project Center of the Institute for Contemporary Education at the end of 2019, significant results aimed at encouraging schools and other institutions within the LINKgroup to participate in international and EU-funded projects have been achieved.

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ERASMUS+: Art of the De-biasting

dBias is a 3-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU and brings together partners from Scotland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Nederlands, Turkey, Belgium and Serbia, joint around the issues of cognitive biases.

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ERASMUS+: Citizen 2.1

The Institute for Contemporary Education is recognized within the international project „Citizen 2.1”   as an equal partner that offers the latest experiences in professional development of teachers related to the development of digital skills.

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ERASMUS+: Behave Your Prints

The goal of the Behave Your Prints Project is to equip young people with the knowledge necessary for using technology in a responsible and useful manner. We now live in a world run by technology. As a result of digital technology evolving in a relatively short time period, we are witnessing that many young people do not have the appropriate knowledge, thus using new technology recklessly and irresponsibly.

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The international project for strengthening democratic decision-making

Socrates’ Trial is a unique educational project which gives Civic education teachers to acquire new skills and get to know the most contemporary teaching practices in this field, as well as to empower their students to change the world for the better using their decision-making strategy.

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