The Center for Research and Publication (CRP) is an important part of the Institute for Contemporary Education which provides comprehensive support in the fields of research work and development for professors and teachers within LINK edu Alliance.

Owing to the Center’s various scientific resources, a rich publication industry and consulting services, LEA’s teaching staff have the best conditions for conducting scientific research at their disposal, which enables them to fulfil their professional and academic potentials and ambitions.



Who can benefit from the Center?

Thanks to the Center, the teaching staff is greatly encouraged to carry out scientific research and to develop professionally. As it provides research resources and means for publishing, as well as the logistics for organizing both national and international scientific conferences, as it works individually with teachers and associates and provides support in many other research processes, and also publishes scientific and professional monographs, the Center enables full and associate professors, assistant professors and teachers to, besides their teaching obligations, devote themselves to their scientific, professional and artistic work. In this way the scientific development of the entire staff is encouraged, and especially of those who find publishing scientific papers crucial for pursuing their scientific and academic titles.

Simultaneously, the results of the Center’s publishing industry grow into rich resources which enable further research, but also the teaching staff’s professional development within all LINK edu Alliance institutions, and also their Master’s and PhD students.

Through collegial support, professional connections, mutual projects and research, the Center represents a place where the LINK academic community simultaneously reaches the highest scientific and ethical standards, and enjoys them.



Processes and activities within the Center

The Center for Research and Publication continually runs a set of processes and completes various activities which can vary from creating scientific and publishing policies, through providing conditions and resources for realizing scientific projects and endeavors, all the way to particular activities which are necessary for completing everyday scientific and publication activities:

  •         Organizing, hosting and keeping up with international and national scientific conferences and events;
  •         Conceiving and launching national and international scientific projects;
  •         Publishing scientific and professional monographs, anthologies from academic conferences, as well as thematic anthologies;
  •         Launching, keeping track and publishing scientific journals in various fields;
  •         Initiating and realizing the making and publishing of coursebooks, practice books, scripts and chrestomathies in accordance with the needs of LEA’s        educational institutions;
  •         Establishing, maintaining and broadening the network of organizations cooperating with the Center;
  •         Cooperating with relevant scientific and academic institutions both in the country and abroad;
  •         Consulting services during the process of determining and creating individual strategies for teachers’ scientific research;
  •         Making plans for scientific research and publishing the works of teachers;
  •         Providing means and resources for teachers’ scientific work;
  •         Providing support in producing and issuing research papers and results (translation, proofreading, design, preparing for the press, distributing);
  •         Providing conditions for scientific research in teams through connecting people from various fields and encouraging co-author projects and papers;
  •         Defining scientific research and publication policies through consulting the research staff, in accordance with the current categorization from scientific journals, the decisions of national scientific boards, as well as the current Framework for evaluating and quantitatively measuring scientific research issued by the relevant ministry;
  •         Setting up and coordinating teacher cooperation with the aim to publish papers necessary for meeting the standards for teaching competency and accreditation of the institutions;
  •         Support, guidelines and encouraging development of the youngest scientific researchers within LINK edu Alliance institutions;
  •         Defining, implementing and monitoring the realization of LEA institutions’ development strategies;
  •         Professional education of teachers and associates by means of lectures, workshops and seminars;
  •         Making open-access bases for research papers of LINK edu Alliance teachers with the aim of increased visibility of research results and increased number of cases of the author being cited;
  •         Making a database of all teachers and the fields of their scientific activities, with a bibliography of all scientific papers, as well as the current scientific titles and classifications;
  •         Enabling free access to scientific databases and contemporary software with the aim to improve and facilitate scientific and professional research;
  •         Creating an online base of scientific publications in various fields, and enabling their free use;
  •         Creating a special library of LEA editions and publications;
  •         Promoting the development of scientific and professional research with Master’s and PhD students on academic studies, as well as Master’s students on applied studies;
  •         Promoting science, scientific results and research, as well as the ethics of scientific research publicly.



Numerous resources at the Center’s disposal

The Center provides comprehensive support, rich resources and contemporary tools which enable both individual and team scientific research to run flawlessly. The best possible conditions enable the teachers to run all phases of scientific research starting from writing a paper, through organizing scientific conferences, and all the way to publishing and presenting the results, all that without any difficulties and in accordance with the highest standards.



A place for academic and professional development

As an important part of the Institute for Contemporary Education, the Center for Research and Publication is open for all full and associate professors, assistant professors, teaching assistants and teachers, as well as Master’s and PhD students. This is a place where we encourage and support scientific work both individually and in teams according to your affinities and interests, as well as with the needs of LINK edu Alliance and its institutions.

Together we reach valuable scientific discoveries and meet the highest standards of academic excellence.