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The Institute for Contemporary Education actively searches new ways to improve the process of education and introduce innovations in the teaching practice. In its efforts to ensure the highest educational standards, the Institute collaborates with relevant international institutions, companies and organizations.

Maximum results through professional development

Seminars organized by the Institute focus on interactive teaching activities, with emphasis on active learning, as well as the possibilities for improving the education process through the application of latest technology. All the knowledge and skills acquired at one of the seminars, panels, conferences and other events organized by the Institute can be immediately implemented in your daily practice.


Given the importance of the teacher’s role in the acquisition of knowledge and skills of their pupils and students, but also in the overall personality development and preparation for a fulfilling and successful life, the need for continuous professional development is undeniably every teacher’s professional and moral obligation.

Explore the possibilities for professional development at one of our available courses and workshops.

Current topics in the field of education

By organizing internationally accredited conferences about current topics in education, the Institute for Contemporary Education brings together education professionals who want to learn more about modern technologies and the possibilities of their implementation in the education process, as well as about innovative approaches in the education of children and adolescents.

The implementation of new methods and techniques in contemporary education involves a different approach to the partnership between schools, young people and their families. This is why conferences organized by the Institute are organized so as to propose a comprehensive and modern approach to education.

Some of the educational issues that have emerged as relevant include:  


  • What is the importance of technology in the education of young people?
  • What approaches can be implemented in education?
  • How does an interdisciplinary approach to teaching work?
  • Which techniques can be implemented to protect oneself from the misuse of digital communications?
  • What are the advantages of project-based mathematics education, and many other things.


The dynamism of the education process is continuously raising new issues, and fruitful discussions initiated at our conferences enable us to sum up the most vital aspects for improving the quality of education, and create space for finding new solutions. Cambridge Professional Development Programs

The Institute for Contemporary Education provides the opportunities for professional development in Cambridge programs for anyone who wants to acquire international competencies and the current knowledge and skills from different professional areas.

Not only do our four Cambridge programs guarantee knowledge, but also professional reputation. Cambridge programs are designed for all teachers, regardless of the course they teach or the age group they teach. Choose the program that best suits your experience, desires, preferences and needs.

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Join the activities of our Institute and become part of the educational revolution.

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