ICE Project (ICEP)

Center for Projects of the Institute for Contemporary Education

Implementation, management and coordination of EU, national and projects on global level.







„We are all almost aware of the state of education today. The problem is on a global level. In most cases, education as a social activity, does not meet the needs of society to a sufficient extent. We are witnessing of issues that require fundamental changes in education. Are we aware of other possibilities for the implementation of education other than what we know today?”
Prof. dr Valentin Kuleto

Through the projects that are implemented, we want to answer open questions about the future of education on a global level.

Internationalization represents a mutual process through which, awareness of the values of other nations is supported, and also creates conditions for our national standards and achievements to be recognized and accepted abroad. The goals of internationalization can be achieved thanks to educational interaction, which leads to the adoption of international and domestic achievements and standards in education.

For this reason, the strategic orientation of the Institute for Contemporary Education was defined in order to satisfy the need for Serbian teachers to be appropriately involved in modern trends in education, as well as to contribute to the international community through their own values.

The ICE Project Center (ICEP) was established as an organizational unit of the Institute that deals with the preparation, submission of project proposals, as well as the coordination and implementation of European programs within the Erasmus+, Horizon EU, Creative EU programs in all sectors of education: school, vocational education, youth, adults and higher education.

The Center for Projects of the Institute for Contemporary Education has achieved significant results since its establishment, and thus schools within the LINK edu Alliance have been enabled to become part of numerous international educational projects.

Network and Affiliate Partners

During its many years of international activities, LINK Group has achieved successful and permanent partnerships with numerous international educational institutions and companies that consistently and efficiently persist in the mission of building a richer and more modern world of education.