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The Institute for Contemporary Education has an instructional role


The Institute has an instructional role, rather than a role in the sharing of experiences and thoughts, because many educational institutions are not yet familiar with the future that has already become present. The concept, topic and organization of the conference are perhaps overqualified for the circumstances in which we find ourselves, therefore this Institute, with the ideas it promotes and carries out from the very beginning can be informally named the Institute for Avant-garde Education.

doc. Petar Stanojlovic

The program of the conference “Contemporary Education” was inspirational and engaging

The organization of the conference “Contemporary Education” was excellent and allowed the program to run smoothly. The program was relevant and inspirational, and the lecturers interesting and competent. The Institute was a very considerate host, and I believe all visitors felt comfortable.

Dr Suncica Milosavlevic

Institute gathers educational elite

Attending ICE lectures and seminars Instituta is an excellent way to generate creative ideas and exchange experiences and with experts in various fields. Top-quality lecturers,

a modern and functional environment and state-of-the-art equipment led me to switch from being a curious visitor to becoming an Institute member. 

Lilana Vucetic defectologist

Summer school program was well-balanced

The Summer school program was well-balanced. I was delighted to see that we can learn to handle any application or “tool” with ease. That week at ICE filled me with positive energy and gave me inspiration for the coming period.

Tijana Ristic, English teacherparticipant in the “Teacher summer school 2018“

I have acquired functional knowledge and practical skills at the Institute


The free accredited seminar “Implementing Online Wiki Tools in Teaching and Learning” organized by the Institute for Contemporary Education and Wikimedia Serbia was excellent.

As a participant in the seminar, I have acquired functional knowledge and practical skills. It was a real pleasure to attend such a seminar, led by young and successful lecturers. I am thankful for this opportunity and impeccable organization of the seminar in a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere.

Amelija Ilijev, class teacher

Stručno usavršavanje na institutu omogućava da nastavnici idu u korak sa promenama u obrazovanju

Neminovno je da put do uspeha vodi konstantnim radom na sebi (stručnim usavršavanjem). Pronaći kompetentne i kvalitetne seminare nije lako, a Institut za moderno obrazovanje ih uspešno organizuje. U Institutu za moderno obrazovanje prisustvovala sam akreditovanim seminarima i stručnim skupovima (konferencijama, tribinama) i oduševljena sam šta sam naučila.

Andrijana Vasić, master inženjer elektrotehnike i računarstva i član IMO


The Institute for Contemporary Education opens its doors to teachers

Through participation in the CLIL Method in Teaching seminar and the Digital Devices and Electromagnetic Radiationproject, realized in three schools pertaining to the same system as the Institute for Contemporary Education, and by presenting a project at the seminar, I learned that the faculty at the Institute truly strives to be professional, punctual and progressive.

Branislava Blajvaz, physics professor

I liked the support and encouragement for young teachers

I am fascinated with the technology, i.e. the fact that we can watch these lectures via live streaming. The topic is excellent, useful for more than one purpose, and thoroughly addressed.

The course of the lecture “Communication triangle: teacher–student–parent” was easy to follow, and I particularly liked that it included a number of examples from the teaching practice. I liked the support and encouragement for young teachers. I’d give you an A for the triangle –lecturer, topic, and the environment.

Branislava Trlic, solfege teacher[;]

Institut blisko sarađuje sa Pedagoškim fakultetom u Jagodini

IMO kroz raznovrsne oblike stručnog usavršavanja zaposlenih u obrazovanju omogućava pojedincima da unaprede svoje kompetencije za obrazovanje u 21. veku, dok obrazovnim institucijama omogućava implementaciju inovacija, interaktivnih nastavnih metoda i najnovijih dostignuća savremene obrazovne tehnologije.

doc. dr Olivera Cekić Jovanović, doktor metodike nastave prirode i društva i član IMO

Institute is a place for the people who want to make progress

I am grateful for your trust and the opportunity to collaborate with the Institute. The first impressions after the panel are exceedingly positive. The staff is very friendly and professional, the interior is functional, and the environment is encouraging. Experience sharing and the adoption of new content created a pleasant atmosphere where everyone felt welcome. I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in the discussion which had positive effects on each participant and their professional development.  

Milanka Maljkovic, PhD