Welcome to the Institute for Contemporary Education!

 The aim of the Institute for Contemporary Education (ICE) is to improve the quality of the education process through the education and training of current and future education professionals and the promotion of state-of-the-art educational technologies. Our mission is to help individuals become more successful, and to help educational institutions in the implementation of technologies and methods aimed at improving the process of education. ICE is an advisory center for all educational leaders, but also a place where future teachers and lecturers can get professional teaching practice.

We organize the following activities:

  • seminars and panels on current topics in the field of science and education,
  • training programs and workshops about innovations in education,
  • international conferences dedicated to contemporary education,
  • projects related to improvement of the process of education,
  • educational consulting,
  • teaching practice programs.

Conferences and Projects

By organizing international conferences about current topics in education and accredited by relevant institutions, ICE brings together education professionals in order to introduce and promote modern technologies, their implementation in the process of education, and innovative approaches and methods in the education of children and adolescents.

ICE launches socially relevant projects that propose new approaches in education and scientific research.

The aim of the conferences we organize is to propose a comprehensive and modern approach to education, where innovative technologies and methods imply a different model of collaboration between schools, young people and their families.

Visit the Institute for Contemporary Education, get to know the Intelligent Classroom environment and see for yourself how modern technologies make education more efficient and more creative.

Cambridge Teaching Center – For Excellence in Teaching

Cambridge Teaching Center is a professional development program that complies with international standards, designed for education professionals. It is created for those teachers who strive to achieve excellence in their teaching practice and in their students’ progress. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills is necessary if one wants to adapt to continuous changes in the world of education.

Lifelong education and development is a requirement for professional advancement>

The role of the teacher does not only imply conveying knowledge, but also the overall development of their pupils’ personalities, providing support in attitude formation, and preparing pupils for professional success, but equally important, for a fulfilling and ethical lifestyle. This is why teachers need to work continuously on their professional development. Seminars organized by the Institute and Cambridge Teaching Center focus on interactive teaching activities, with emphasis on active learning and the development of critical thinking in students.

We organize the following programs aimed at achieving the best practical results:    


  1. Cambridge professional development programs:
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching Bilingual Learners
  • Teaching with Digital Technologies
  • Educational Leadership
  1. Specialized courses and workshops:
  • Psychology, education science and teaching methodology
  • Personal development
  • Modern technologies
  • Improving school operations and communication 

Join the teaching elite

If you are committed to your teaching job and you want to become an educational leader, the Cambridge Teaching Center is the place for you. If you want to be among the favorite teachers in your school, find a better job in your home country or abroad, if you want to acquire valuable knowledge, skills and contacts, improve the quality of your classes, while earning the prestigious Cambridge certificates, contact us and let’s initiate the change together.

Address: 5 Masarikova Street (entrance from Kralja Milana Street), Belgrade Palace