Center for Teacher Quality

The Center for Teacher Quality deals with the preparation of instruments and procedures aimed at evaluating the education process and teachers’ work, as well as their results. Monitoring, counseling, advancement, as well as designing new concepts and models are among the tasks of this center.

To be able to adequately perform complex activities the teaching job requires, one must possess a range of competencies, including professional knowledge and skills, knowledge of teaching methodology, but also excellent communication skills and a highly developed system of moral values and principles.

Teacher competencies are generally defined as a “capacity of an individual demonstrated through the execution of complex activities in educational work”, whereas additional information can be found in the official document about competency standards: Bylaw on Standards of Competencies in Teachers’ Profession and Their Professional Development.


Recommended and desirable teacher competencies have been classified into four groups as follows: 


  • C1 – Competencies for teaching area, subject and teaching methodology
  • C2 – Competencies for teaching and learning
  • C3 – Competencies for providing support to personality development of pupils
  • C4 – Competencies for communication and co-operation