Cambridge Certificate in Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning program was designed as part of the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (Cambridge PDQs) – the tradition of which guarantees professional authority and insight into the latest trends of educational improvement.                                          

Who is the program for?

This program is designed for all teachers who actively teach in primary and secondary schools, or institutions of higher education. In other words, it is for those who want to do their job as best as they can, to educate young people, and help them reach their goals.

To work in education means to be a hero of sorts, and the very fact you have chosen this profession makes you an exceptional person. This job can be difficult and challenging, but you can make it more interesting and manageable. The Teaching and Learning program will open up new perspectives and renew your enthusiasm. 

What knowledge and skills will you acquire in the Teaching and Learning program?

The role of a teacher does not only involve transferring knowledge to your students, but also helping in the overall development of their personalities, providing support to them in the formation of their attitudes, and preparing them for a fulfilling, successful, and moral life.

That is why the best teachers are versatile and continuously work on their professional development.

In this program, you will learn and refine advanced methods for conveying knowledge to students which meet the high standards of Cambridge University, and you will have the opportunity to clearly articulate and implement your own ideas.  

You will design interactive and coherent teaching activities with emphasis on active learning.

You will also learn how to continue your professional development in the future, on your own or in cooperation with your colleagues through the evaluation of your teaching practice.

Course program

The Teaching and Learning program allows you to obtain a certificate and a diploma. After completing the first module, you become eligible for the certificate, whereas after completing the second and the third module, you become eligible for the diploma.

To successfully master the knowledge and skills required in this program, you need to possess proficiency in English equivalent to B2 CEFR level.


Teaching and learning methods analysis

The first module comprises 3 separate units the combination of which enables comprehensive professional development which involves theoretical elements and their practical applications:

  1. Teaching and learning principles

Introducing students to the principles and concept of effective learning and teaching. The questions that will be answered in this unit include:

  • How does the human mind receive information and how does the learning process take place?
  • Which methods and activities positively affect motivation?
  • In what ways will effective teaching help my teaching practice?
  1. Effective teaching

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Design a lesson plan with clear objectives and tasks;
  • Learn how to assess situations and use the appropriate methods in practice;
  • Perform evaluation so as to improve their practice in the future.
  1. Active learning as a result of effective teaching

Students will expand their knowledge and have the opportunity to:

  • Design a lesson plan as a logical continuation of previous lessons;
  • Use different approaches in teaching;
  • Monitor the progress of their pupils.


Module 2: Teaching and learning in practice

In the second module, students will learn how to design lessons which are in line with the curriculum, but which also take students’ needs into account. By using modern methods, they will master the skills crucial for constructivist learning, and thus make their lessons engaging and comprehensible. They will learn how to apply the method of effective teaching in individual student work, and how to encourage teamwork among student groups.

Module 3: Improving professional practice

The third and final module of this program refers to the evaluation of everything students have learned in the previous months, as well as to the implementation of the newly acquired knowledge in practice. How will teachers improve and expand their practice greatly depends on the syllabus of the course they teach, but also on their creativity and preferences. Different methods and approaches learned in the first two modules will now be put into practice, making allowance for the personality of each student and the topic being discussed. In the third module, students will learn how to choose the right approach in any given moment. 

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