Center for educational technology and e-learning 

The Center for Educational Technology and E-learning of the Institute for Contemporary Education was founded with the idea of introducing the latest trends in the field of educational technologies and e-learning. In this Center, teachers can be trained in the use of the latest technologies, learn about the possibilities they provide, and how to implement them in their teaching practice. The Center for Educational Technology and E-learning always keeps up with the innovations in the field of technology development to be able to provide their students with a range of opportunities for professional development in this field. 

Another unique feature of the Center is the study and development of e-learning and its implementation in teaching. The Center monitors the needs of users, adapting to them so as to achieve the best results in teaching. Through training programs, lectures and other forms of professional training the Center offers, teachers are introduced to all the benefits of e-learning, and trained to work in line with the latest educational trends, and use state-of-the-art technologies. 

The Center for Educational Technology and E-learning offers its users the opportunity to choose between professional training at the Center, with the use of the latest devices needed for modern education, or through our DL learning platform. 

Thanks to these possibilities, you will be able to raise the quality of your teaching to a higher level, and see all the advantages and benefits of e-learning in the teaching profession. 

State-of-the-art educational technology in one place 

The Institute for Contemporary Education is the only institution in the region that offers all the latest technologies that can be effectively used in the teaching process. 

Visit our Center for Educational Technology and E-learning and discover a new dimension of education:

Humanoid robot for learning through play

UBTech Alpha 1S robot is designed as a personal assistant for learning and play, and its features match the areas of your interest.

Thanks to specially designed 3D software, it is possible to program this interactive robot to include information about different areas – from literature, music and dance, to yoga, football and other sports. Visit the Institute to meet our robot and learn about everything it can do. 



Smart ball with unlimited learning opportunities

SPRK+ Robot Ball is a spherical interactive robot launched by the Sphero company. This robot is a breath of fresh air in the field of education.

Easy to use, but with numerous options for learning through play, SPRK+ Robot Ball stimulates curiosity and creativity, but it can also teach you about programming, mathematics, artistic skills and other practical knowledge.


3D device that changed the world

The arrival of the 3D printer has initiated a genuine industrial revolution. Manufacturing companies are increasingly using the 3D printer, and this gadget is changing the world as we know it. 

3D printing implies creating three-dimensional objects, layer by layer, using a special type of plastic.

Visit the Institute to learn everything about the principles of 3D printing and to try out this revolutionary product.



Create tangible drawings using a 3D printing pen

A seemingly ordinary pen actually “draws” 3D objects using a plastic filament, thus turning drawings into tangible objects. A fun, but also useful tool, it will make learning more engaging than ever before. Try out the 3D printing pen at the Institute and learn about its implementation in the teaching process, as well as how it can contribute to more effective learning.




3D scanner – digital representation of physical objects

Among other 3D gadgets, the Institute also possesses a 3D scanner. One of the latest devices efficiently recognizes physical objects, converting them to digital records which can be later used in the production of three-dimensional models and for other purposes.

The 3D scanner successfully analyses its surroundings, and you may learn how the data collected in this manner can be applied in the film industry, video games, or for educational and learning purposes during a visit to our Institute for Contemporary Education.




Amazon Echo personal assistant

Amazon Echo is one of the next generation gadgets which, thanks to its features and options, has the potential to become a proper personal assistant. This tiny cylinder hides extensive knowledge of natural and social sciences, so you could ask it any question you would like answered.

Visit the Institute and ask a question you have always wanted to ask – Amazon Echo’s answer will leave you speechless.   



Take a peek into virtual reality with Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is one of the most popular inventions of modern technology, famous for providing an unparalleled experience of virtual reality.

The goggle-like headset will turn your imagination into reality and allow you to “teleport” yourself presently to places you have always dreamed about, whether they exist in the real world, or you remember them from your favorite video game. Try out Samsung Gear VR and take a peek into the virtual world.  



Tiny Raspberry Pi – Huge treasure trove of knowledge

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is one of the latest models of new generation computers and is no bigger than a credit card.

This latest technological marvel plays a huge role in the teaching of computer science in schools around the world, and you can discover exactly this gadget works at the Institute.



Tablets and laptops for an advanced learning experience

Knowledge acquisition is even more interesting with iPads and other tablets allowing you access to numerous services.

With each visit, the Institute provides you, among other things, with such devices.



Interactive desk for easier and more enjoyable learning

The touch-sensitive desk has proved a valuable addition in the improvement of the education process, and combined with the image projector and computer, it provides unlimited possibilities for effective and creative learning.

Try out the touch-sensitive desk using an interactive pen or just your fingers.




Egg chair – learning comfort

All devices and gadgets available at the Institute can be tested sitting in a specially designed Egg chair.

Egg chair is designed to provide comfort and create ideal conditions for testing Samsung Gear VR, for example.


Distance learning at the Center for Educational Technology and E-learning 

Aware of the benefits of e-learning, the Center for Educational Technology and E-learning pays special attention to its study and implementation. An elaborate e-learning system allows our students to attend lectures, training, courses, etc. at all times, regardless of where they are. 

In addition, it enables interaction between teachers and students, access to all sources relevant for education, and more efficient time management. 

If you do not live in Belgrade, are too busy, or you cannot attend lectures, seminars, training programs and other educational events we organize for another reason, the Center for Educational Technology and E-learning now offers you the opportunity to dedicate yourself to your professional development through the use of our DL platform. In this way, useful knowledge and skills needed for professional development are just a few clicks away. Moreover, you now have the opportunity to organize your time the way it best suits you, and make the most of it. 

How does the DL platform work?

The DL platform of the Institute for Contemporary Education provides access to video courses and distance learning courses (Distance Learning – DL). Video courses comprise a series of video clips arranged into logical units designed to help you efficiently master the content of the entire course. By entering a video course, you will see a list of the videos available for that course on the left. You can start the video by clicking on the Play button. Videos can be paused so you could take notes and organize your learning process in the most efficient manner possible. Courses of this type may include additional materials in the form of exercises and assignments.
When it comes to DL courses, by clicking on the desired course, you will open a page with the basic information about the course, as well as a list of teaching modules and the accompanying units in that module. By clicking on a unit within each course, you will open a window with the appropriate elements related to that unit. The most important elements of the course content include: Unit content, Multimedia, Progress Test and Summary.
One of the greatest advantages of the platform is that it enables you to watch training programs held at the Institute via live streaming. The scheduled time and links for accessing training programs will be shown in the Live class window. After accessing the live stream at the appointed time, you will be able to watch the lecture from the comfort of your home, or any other place of your choosing.

We are waiting for you at the Center for Educational Technology and E-learning to choose the best professional development model for you together!