We present our team of professional, responsible, reliable and dedicated people who make up the Institute for Contemporary Education

Valentin Kuleto, PhD

President of the Institute for Contemporary Education
Mr. Valentin Kuleto obtained his PhD by researching issues associated with a personalized, adaptable distance learning model. He has carried out numerous educational projects and distinguished himself as their concept creator, designer and leader in their realization. His efforts, energy and vision are redefining, developing and
improving education in a way that suits the needs of modern society and its citizens.

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Milena Ilić, PhD

Director of the Center for Research and Publication
Contact: +381 (0)11/40-11-260
Email: milena.ilic@institut.edu.rs

PhD, Assistant Professor, Milena llić, is a Doctor of Economic Science. She has published 120 original scientific papers, review papers and book reviews. She participated in numerous scientific conferences and symposiums, both in the country and abroad. She has written eight books, university textbooks and practicums, and edited three monographs of international importance in the field of management, informational and interdisciplinary sciences. She reviewed several thematic collections of international importance, textbooks and several leading journals of national importance and international journals (WOS). She is a regular member of the Serbian Marketing Association (Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade), a member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Bankarstvo (Association of Serbian Banks) and the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Železnica (Society of Railway Graduate Engineers of Serbia). Since 2016, she has been employed at the Information Technology School ITS – Belgrade as a Professor of Applied Studies and at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, as an Assistant Professor. In addition to many years of pedagogical work, she also has 16 years of work experience in the public sector. She participated in several scientific and professional projects. She is a certified IPMA senior trainer in the field of project management.

Doc. Nina Stojanović, MArch

Director of the Project Center at the Institute for Contemporary Education
Contact: +381 (0)11/40-11-260
Email: nina.stojanovic@institut.edu.rs

Nina graduated from University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Architecture. She has acquired extensive experience working as a licensed architectural designer and urban planner, team leader in research studies, strategies and feasibility studies, as well as the author of multiple award-winning designs and urban planning projects. Her works have been exhibited at several professional events, such as salons of architecture and urban planning and repeatedly won professional recognition and awards. She was a member of different expert juries at architectural contests. In the period between 2009 and 2016, she participated in a dozen EU-funded projects. The MILD HOME project, in which she participated as the project manager for Serbia, was a finalist of the competition for the prestigious REGIO STAR award for 2015 awarded by the European Commission for the most successful projects realized in the EU. Since 2012, she has participated in several international conferences dedicated to sustainable development in Brussels, Moscow, Sofia, Venice and Cascais. She works as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Department of Interior Design.

Aleksandra Borović

 Lead Project Coordinator Institute for Contemporary Education
Contact: +381 (0)11/40-11-260
Email: aleksandra.borovic@institut.edu.rs

Aleksandra graduated from University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Geography, Department of Spatial Planning. She has acquired additional qualifications through non-formal education: tour guide license, project manager certificate, and PR manager certificate. After many years of experience in diplomatic missions and international organizations, as well as experience in the management and development of Mensa Serbia, she combined her experience and aimed it at educational improvement, writing and managing several European projects. She also participated in several projects co-financed by the European Union and the Council of Europe, and implemented by the Council of Europe. She is particularly motivated for launching activities aimed at improving the position of gifted children and students in Serbia and the region, and for promoting Serbia and its natural and cultural resources.
President of Mensa Serbia since 2013. Member of the multinational jury for granting Mensa Education and Research Foundation scholarships, and Mensa International Gifted Youth Committee. Founder and organizer of international conferences on giftedness in Serbia. Author and manager of the Erasmus+ project Teachers for Gifted. Congress ambassador of Serbia.

Glorija Martinović

Lead Project Coordinator Institute for Contemporary Education
Contact: +381 (63) 86-89-800
Email: glorija.martinovic@institut.edu.rs

Gloria is a graduate culturologist with many years of experience in project management. As a project coordinator at the Center for Urban Development focused her knowledge on writing, preparation, coordination and realization of primarily European projects. She has the most experience in writing and implementing projects funded through the Creative Europe and Erasmus + programs. She is currently implementing a project supported by the UNESCO participation program. She is challenged by topics that deal with innovations in education and culture and inspiration finds in cultural heritage. As the editor of the program of the Children’s Cultural Center Majdan,
Cultural institutions of the NGO Savski Venac, from 2012 to 2019, organized dozens of educational, arts and sports programs for children and youth.

Aleksandra Karadžić

Center for Professional Development Coordinator
Phone: +381 (0)11/40-11-260
Email: aleksandra.karadzic@institut.edu.rs; office@institut.edu.rs

Aleksandra is a Public Relations Communicologist. Driven by the desire to support the personal and professional improvement of others, she gained experience in the field of HR through work on employment strategies and the development of the human resources sector. She participated in the processes of selection and recruitment of employees, while monitoring the adaptation of new employees, as well as developing procedures for employees. As a coordinator for working with school-age children, in cooperation with parents, she created plans for children’s curricular and extracurricular activities, while monitoring the children’s progress. She has many years of experience in organising thematic and promotional events, from designing, preparing and implementing the events, to participating in defining and planning of PR goals and communicating with the media.

Stefana Gavrilović

Technical Secretary of the Institute for Contemporary Education
Phone: +381 (0)11/40-11-260
Email: stefana.gavrilovic@institut.edu.rs; office@institut.edu.rs

A Public Relations Expert by profession, Stefana has many years of experience working in similar positions. In London, she worked as a personal assistant, where she gained extensive experience in working with clients. Her desire is to contribute to the better work of the organisation with her work and experience, as well as to help in the implementation of plans at the Institute.