Brainfinity” has already become popular in Serbia as a national problem-solving competition. High responsiveness of school-age children and teachers made us think about the internationalization of this great initiative.

By implementing this project, we want to create a new approach to teaching and learning. It is interesting for the students and will encourage them to think, link information, collaborate, and find creative solutions. Of course, we also want to provide training and tools to teachers so that they can easily adopt this approach to teaching.
The consortium that will implement the “Brainfinity” project consists of organizations from Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Serbia.

The project partners are:

The main goals of the project are:

  • increase the capacity of teachers to move from the traditional ex-cathedra teaching style to the role of facilitator, motivator, and mentor;
  • empower teachers to motivate students and involve them in the learning process;
  • help teachers understand what skills need to be developed in order to teach students innovative concepts – how to think, solve problems, search for data and collaborate;
  • motivate students to get used to looking for information instead of just asking their teachers, to be literate and able to evaluate the validity of collected information;
  • nteach students to express their ideas freely, without fear;
  • teach students to form teams, work together, use their strengths for the benefit of the team and support each other.

Expected results of the project:

  • matrix of competencies and skills for teachers and students;
    educational content for teachers;
  • training for teachers when it comes to creating detective tasks and organizing the national competition “Brainfinity”;
  • a guide for the organization of the national competition “Brainfinity”;
  • a guide for using Brainfinity methodology in teaching;
  • a portal with a collection of Brainfinity challenges.