How to obtain valuable diplomas and certificates?

The Institute for Contemporary Education gives you the opportunity to obtain valuable diplomas and certificates which confirm your expertise and prove you have mastered the latest knowledge in your chosen field by attending one of the training programs offered at the Institute.In our experience, the proof of expertise, such as diplomas and certificates issued by the Institute helps one gain authority in the country, and in addition to the actual skills you will acquire, the doors of the most renowned schools around the world will be wide open for you.

Advantages of the Institute’s diplomas and certificates

Given that ICE is continuously working to develop cooperation with institutions of international importance, and to improve the quality of education in its home country, training programs, workshops, etc. offered at the Institute will bring you multiple benefits. The knowledge you acquire at the Institute will help you stand out from the competition, and the diplomas and certificates you can acquire here prove you possess actual skills and knowledge. Therefore, you will have a significant advantage in seeking employment, and you will be able to choose where you want to work. 

Successful teachers all over the world who possess diplomas and certificates as a complement to their professional qualifications are appreciated and valued due to their remarkable expertise. They are people who continuously work on their professional development and their efforts are eventually rewarded. Should you become one of them, you should know that it’s not just about your diploma, but also about the fact that you possess actual abilities, skills, knowledge, will, motivation and other rare and valuable qualities.      


Cambridge diplomas and certificates

Cambridge International Examinations introduced new programs for teachers and other education professionals in 2015. This program, available to all of you thanks to the Institute for Contemporary Education, is based on innovative methods and curriculum, as well as on the evaluation of the students’ final thesis.

Our students can choose between 4 Cambridge programs created by the Institute of Education in London in partnership with Cambridge University, each of which focuses on a different field of pedagogy. Each program is divided into three 120-hour modules which require 4 months to complete. Students who successfully complete the first module become eligible for the international Cambridge certificate and get the opportunity to continue their professional development. If they successfully complete the second and the third module, they become eligible for the prestigious Cambridge diploma.

Important: These qualifications are not equivalent to a university degree. They are a form of specialized professional development for teachers in a chosen field. This means that obtaining a university degree is not the final step; instead, you now have the opportunity to continue with your professional development beyond university. Learn more about Cambridge program modules here ˃˃

What does taking an exam look like?

All our lecturers are licensed to teach courses by Cambridge University, and the final evaluation of submitted papers is carried out directly by Cambridge International Examinations which also issues certificates and diplomas. After completing each module, the student is required to submit the following for evaluation:

  • portfolio with completed assignments;
  • paper (2,400 to 3,600 characters) on a topic defined in accordance with module orientation.

The grades are descriptive:

  • Distinction,
  • Pass,
  • Fail.

One sitting of each final exam per module is included in the program fees.