Why is professional development important?

Professional development is a process that always has positive outcomes. New experiences and information arouse creativity and generate new opportunities.

There are countless reasons why you should engage in professional development and we will name some of them:

1.  Because you know you can do more

You, like all your colleagues working in different educational institutions, are formally educated and possess a university degree. It is a minimum requirement for any teaching position. However, advancing your career and becoming an educational leader takes more than a university degree.

Unlike its formal counterpart, non-formal education is what shows an individual’s effort and desire to stand out and raise themselves above mere averageness. Not only does it give you an opportunity to improve yourself professionally, it also allows you to channel and update your knowledge.

People who are constantly working on their professional development are those who possess the capacity to make a change, and that is why we call them educational leaders. 

 2. Because you want to be a 21st-century teacher

Have you noticed how new generations of students have little in common with the generations before them?

Our society is constantly changing, science and technology are advancing rapidly, and things that were regarded as the latest trend in education only a few years ago are now obsolete.

Each new generation brings their very own changes, and a good teacher is the one who knows how to shape, correct and keep up with them.

To become a 21st-century teacher who truly understands their pupils, you must follow trends in education science and technology and not even for a second think that you are done with education.

This is why the Institute for Contemporary Education was founded. It is the only place in the region where you can get the most recent knowledge and skills in the field education, education science and the implementation of modern technology in education.

 3. Because you need particular skills

Although you may study professional journals and read extensively in your spare time, you will agree that practice is something else entirely.

The Institute for Contemporary Education has emerged as a product of reflection and analysis of things modern teachers require to be better. New skills and their practical application in real life conditions have proven to be a necessity.

This is precisely why we have created programs based on the finest elements of Cambridge education, which insists on practice, experience and skills as the core characteristics of elite teachers. 

 4.Because you belong with the very best


When you are surrounded by top experts in their fields, you will try your hardest.

The Institute gives you the opportunity to meet lecturers who have already proven their professional authority and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.

They are the authors of textbooks you study from. You will have the honor of working closely with them, exchanging ideas and influencing each other.

Partners of the Institute have another advantage over average teachers.

They are always in the know about all events in the field of education, such as job openings, competitions, teachers’ associations, initiatives, awards, etc. 

5. Because you have the opportunity to build your knowledge on examples of good practice from all over the world

Are you aware that the integration of knowledge and skills is a growing global trend in education? Finland, whose education system is generally considered to be the best, most advanced and yielding the best results (Finnish students always score the best results in PISA tests, among other things), has already introduced integration into its education system.

For example, students at hospitality management schools in Finland learn the terminology and jargon associated with restaurants and hospitality industry in English classes, whereas students at tourism schools learn things they will need when they start working as tour guides in geography, history, and art history classes.

This is a sensible and correct method, from which there is much to learn – let’s make our classes equally innovative, in step with the time we live in, practical and applicable.   

Partners of the Institute for Contemporary Education have access to innovative global practices such as this one. They are given case studies to examine and analyze specific examples in order to incorporate only the most productive teaching methods in their practice.

  6. Because your reputation in the professional community is invaluablekeynote-speaker

Would you like to be among the most esteemed teachers who make up the teaching elite?

The knowledge you will acquire at the Institute, the creativity you will develop and the contacts you will establish are invaluable.

They will help you continue your professional development, but increase your motivation as well.

In addition, professional development programs at the Institute are designed so as not to encumber or inconvenience the participants, but to create an oasis where they will have the freedom to improve themselves and their work, and to communicate with others like them.

7. Because you want to be prepared for the European educational reform

To meet the demands of the new education systems which are currently being developed and will soon arrive to our region, the Institute for Contemporary Education has created first-rate specialized programs in line with European educational trends.

The sooner you start your professional education, the better your chances of joining the best and most sought after teachers in the future.

8.  Because knowledge and quality are always appreciated

Knowledge is a commodity that no system can contest, no matter how rigid or outdated it is. No matter what continent you live in and no matter the system you will be working in tomorrow, quality is always discernible.

This is why people who come to the Institute are not afraid of change, they are inviting it. They are redefining the teacher’s role and using their full potential.

One teacher at a time, one school at a time, and one day, we may hope to build a different and better education system. Start with yourself and initiate the change!