Preparatory lessons for great results at SAT and ACT exams

Choose the SAT/ACT Success program and enroll at the faculty of your choice.

If you are someone who does not settle for the average, striving instead for the highest professional and personal goals, studying abroad might be the next part of your journey – and, in fact, one of its most important stages.

Because of this, and the fact that getting accepted into the world’s prestigious universities is not easy at all, the time before the entrance exam is often quite stressful.

It is only natural to be a bit more worried at this time, primarily because of the entrance testing as the most important step on the path to enrolment. 

But there is no need to worry at all, because this is a solution thanks to which the odds of you failing to enroll with the desired faculty will be reduced to 1 : 1,000,000 – almost non-existent!

Whom is this program for?

High school students who want to study at world's most prestigious universities
Future leaders and innovators in their areas
Young people who have set their life goals high
Anyone who would like to expand their options and views

What is the SAT/ACT Success program like?

 Preparations are held in a classroom at 45, Šumatovačka Street. If students are not able to attend classes at the designated place in the set hours, there is an option of following the programme online – via DL (Distance Learning) platform.

Over 10 weeks, students prepare in a modern environment, covering one unit necessary for the success on the tests a week, with expert guidance from teachers with international background.

The teaching is conducted in English, in order to maximally enhance the mastery of the language in which the tests will be taken. An English teacher will be there to assist anyone who might have problems with fully following lessons in English.

A great part of the preparation is dedicated to mastering the skills of problem solving, critical thinking and time management, through mentor–student interaction. The students develop their logical thinking ability in order to successfully solve problem tasks.

"The readiness is all": SAT/ACT Success improves access to foreign faculties

Shakespeare’s Hamlet says: “The readiness is all.” In order to achieve a good result at the internationally recognized SAT and ACT exams, readiness is indeed all, and that is exactly what you will get if you choose the SAT/ACT Success program and start taking large strides towards the fulfillment of your dreams. SAT/ACT Success program is a preparatory teaching program for taking SAT and ACT tests, designed and realized following a careful, in-depth analysis of these tests’ structure and content to the smallest of details. Types of tasks given in the tests, the testing conditions and the ways the tasks should be performed – everything was taken into consideration.

The preparation, expertly led by English language and mathematics teachers with years of experience at international schools, covers each and every aspect of these tests.

SAT/ACT Success program curriculum

The SAT/ACT Success program lasts 10 weeks. Students have 3–4 lessons per week, each covering one teaching unit which is necessary for the successful passing of the tests. Teaching is customized to each individual student.

The very beginning of the program includes entrance testing and an interview with an expert advisor for studying abroad.

Determining the starting position through entry testing provides a clear picture of the previously acquired knowledge and competences, while an interview with an expert advisor helps formulate your goals and interests, and the path we will take in order to lead you to success.

Based on the overview of the student’s skills and competencies gained through the diagnostic, entrance testing, in cooperation with students, we create individual plans designed to advance their math and English language skills (and science skills, if they opt for the ACT) every week, along with their essay writing (optional).

Focusing on the types of tasks that, depending on the individual students, require further work and the advancement of problem solving, critical thinking, time management and subject-specific competences.

Bearing in mind that each week of the program includes working on concrete typical test problems, after doing these tests, the students can review all their errors with the expert teaching personnel, and the reasons for wrong answers – whether it might be the lack of knowledge, failure to understand the type of task or an unintentional error made in a hurry.

Our teachers are there to help the students and reduce the number of possible errors.

After a more detailed introduction of the concept of the tests, the types of tasks and the skills expected from the students, work will be directed towards making an adequate plan for doing the test itself. In this segment, the students will work on adequate time management in order to manage to complete all the tasks, as well as check their answers.

During trial testing of each segment of the exam, the students will gain insight into their progress, and take notes, with teacher’s assistance, on the elements that need to be worked on or the skills that have been considerably improved

After the mock testing, the students and teachers will create short reminders based on the previous activities – on grammar rules, important math formulas and the skills important for success on the test.

Testing simulation – creating and taking a test in the conditions the students will face on the actual testing day.

Based on the results of entrance testing and the test simulation, the student’s progress is assessed and a more precise framework of skills that have been advanced or should be advanced is formulated.

The students will receive personalized feedback from the teacher for each individual test section, which can serve as a reminder during the actual testing and as instructions for further work before the testing date.

8 reasons why this program is the right choice if you want to study abroad

Preparation at the SAT/ACT Success program covers each aspect of testing in detail. In addition to the subject matter itself, attention is dedicated to personalized expert and psychological counseling, and the organization of time during the exam; the students take a simulation test in the conditions identical to those of the actual exam, to get the clearest possible picture of the testing that lies ahead.

Individual approach to each student

The mentors take care of each student’s individual needs and everyone receives equal attention.

Individual approach to each student

Preparing online or in the classroom

The students prepare in a classroom, or online, using their DL platform account.

Preparing online or in the classroom

Highly professional and experienced teachers

The program is led by mentors with a wealth of international experience.

Highly professional and experienced teachers

Excellent test results

Our earlier students achieved excellent results at SAT and ACT.

Excellent test results

Tried and tested methods

The program was designed at LINKgroup, company that has been working in education for over 20 years.

Tried and tested methods

Simulation of official SAT/ACT exams

The simulation test is taken in the conditions identical to those at the official exam, which provides a clear picture regarding what the testing is like.

Simulation of official SAT/ACT exams

Preparation in a modern environment

The program utilizes state-of-the-art technology that improve learning efficiency.

Preparation in a modern environment

Continual support and advancement monitoring

The mentors carefully follow and analyze the students’ advancement and provide generous support.

Continual support and advancement monitoring

SAT and ACT are recognized at over 2000 universities abroad, including Harvard, Columbia and Yale

Improved SAT/ACT result crucial for acceptance to college

The results from SAT and ACT exams are often the decisive factor in candidate selection at enrolment. Among two candidates with an impressive list of extracurricular activities and good academic record, the advantage will be given to one with a better SAT/ACT result.

  • SAT and ACT are the leading entrance tests for colleges all over the world, especially in the United States.
  • Due to the large number of applications for the world’s universities, the result from the SAT/ACT exam is often the first indicator that is reviewed, the one on which further consideration depends.
  • Last year, 2.8 million students took SAT and ACT.
  • Recent research has shown that students who attend high-quality preparatory lessons achieve much better results at the exams, gaining up to 40 points more than candidates who prepare on their own.

In case you need mentor support for enrollment into universities abroad, feel free to contact our VIA Academica partners.

Research shows:

Students' positive impressions – the best indicator of the program's quality

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