EDUcounselor – support on your road to success

EDUcounselor is a service of the Institute for Contemporary Education providing vocational guidance, facilitating the selection of a school and future profession, preparing pupils and students for final exams in elementary school and entrance exams for secondary schools, and providing legal assistance in education. 

Career orientation – select the best course for your education and career

The expert team of EDUcounselor helps pupils of elementary and secondary school, as well as students to find the right course for the next level of education, which will best suit their preferences and potential. In addition to taking a career aptitude test, pupils, students and their parents have the opportunity to discuss available options and find the best solutions for some of the most important life decisions, together with the EDUcounselor team: 

  • enrollment in elementary school
  • enrollment in secondary school – selection of a school and preparation for the final exam
  • university enrollment
  • choice of a profession


Regardless of whether it is a public or private secondary school or faculty, the experts of our EDUcounselor will help you overcome any obstacle and enroll in your desired school.




Legal assistant

EDUcounselor provides all types of legal advice and services in the field of education. If you need your diploma recognized, want to transfer from one educational institution to another, or to transfer your credits, EDUcounselor will help you avoid any legal inconvenience and complete the paperwork as quickly and easily as possible.

Contact our legal advisor for any kind of legal advice in the field of education, and finish any procedure in the most efficient manner. Make things easier for yourself and leave paperwork and procedures to legal experts.  

Get a tuition discount

EDUcounselor and the Institute for Contemporary Education collaborate with the best private educational institutions in the country and the region, which guarantee the highest standards of education.

Thanks to these partnerships, not only will EDUcounselor help you pick the best school, but will also ensure significant tuition discounts for one of our institutions.

Whether you want to enroll in a secondary school, vocational college or faculty, EDUcounselor will help you get an education in one of the best educational institutions, where you will study in a state-of-the-art learning environment, supervised by top experts in their fields. And all that is available on preferential terms of enrollment. 


Who is EDUcounselor for?

Parents who want the best for their children

Every parent wants the best for their children. When it comes to education, parents have a difficult task of having to guide their children, combining their wishes and talents, available education options and demand for specific professions.

EDUcounselor therefore helps parents to find the best possible solution for their child’s education. Talking to our expert consultants, you will learn everything about the latest education trends and together find a school that is most adequate for your child.


Pupils and students who want to make the right choice


Choosing a school is one of the most important life decisions. This is why pupils and students are faced with a difficult choice of having to pick one school out of many, and to be absolutely sure they have made the right decision.

EDUcounselor is there to help when you need them most. For all elementary and secondary school pupils, as well as students who need guidance and support during enrollment, but also throughout schooling, our expert team of consultants is there to help you make the right decision.

Be certain about your choice and push steadily and resolutely toward success.


All of you who want to steer your career to success

Services of EDUcounselor are not restricted to students and pupils, they are available to anyone who wants to advance their career or find the right orientation that will lead to success.

If you have finished school, but you are not sure about the direction in which your career should go, we have a team of experts to help you solve the dilemma. In addition, here you can find adequate ways to improve your qualifications, which will bring about the desired career advancement and professional success.